Shot on iPhone XR: Capturing the joy of Chinese New Year

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    Shot on iPhone XR: Capturing the joy of Chinese New Year
    Photographers all over China are capturing Chinese New Year celebrations through the lens of the state-of-the-art camera on iPhone XR. Images featuring moments in their hometown, memorable scenery, tastes of home and love for family showcase the happiness and joy brought on by the season.
    iPhone XR features the longest battery life ever in an iPhone with a breakthrough camera system that produces sophisticated portraits with an adjustable depth of field. Smart HDR leverages multiple technologies — like faster sensors, an enhanced ISP and advanced algorithms — to bring more highlight and shadow detail to photos. All these features and more help Chinese photographers and others around the world easily snap the perfect shots to celebrate and record memorable moments as the Year of the Pig begins.
    These images show the advanced photographic techniques iPhone XR can achieve, and express photographers’ appreciation for their hometowns and families during a significant holiday like Chinese New Year.
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