Shredo 1.2.5 - $6.99

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    Shredo is a beautiful, functional file-shredding and privacy scan utility. It permanently shreds files, folders, and external volumes' contents to keep information secure and impossible for anyone to retrieve. Depending on security level and data-erase speed, you have 3 shredding methods at your disposal:

    1. 1-pass - Offers good security and quickest erase of data. It deletes access information to your files and writes random bytes over the data once.
    2. 7-pass - Slower speed, but better security than 1-pass. Writes over data 7 times, based on US Department of Defence (DoD) 5220-20 M standard algorithms.
    3. 35-pass - Slowest, but offers the best security. Erases file access info and writes over the data 35 times, based on the Gutmann method for deletion.

    Shredo supports external volumes and flash drives, but depending on their size and method selected, shredding time many vary.
    With a Privacy Scan feature - you can remove browser history, cookies and other privacy threats from your Mac.

    Version 1.2.5:
    • Fixes and optimizations for Mojave;
    • Added support for Opera, Brave, Vivaldi browsers and optimized for new versions of Safari, Chome and Firefox;
    • Clean up feature can now be called with a keyboard shortcut - Command+Shift+S;
    • Added Clean Up All button in Privacy clean up view;

    • OS X 10.11 or later

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