Hazel 4.2.6 - Create rules for organizing and cleaning folders.

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    Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel can also manage your trash and uninstall your applications.

    Organize your files using a familiar rule interface. Filter on the file's name, type, date, the site or email address it came from and more. And do more than just file. You can set color labels, Spotlight keywords and comments and even archive files. Hazel also cleans, sporting options to clean out incomplete and duplicate downloads. All this is done automatically in the background allowing you to focus on your real work.

    In addition, Hazel can manage your Trash for you, relieving you of having to empty it yourself.

    Version 4.2.6:
    • Fixed "Contents contain" fallback method introduced in last version not working on 10.10 systems.
    • Fixed "Contents contain" fallback method introduced in last version operating a bit differently than the primary Spotlight-based method which searches for word-prefixes instead of appearances within words.
    • Fixed issue in evaluation of conditions where the same custom attribute is used both inside and outside a nested condition.
    • Fixed crash/error when using custom attributes in a condition in conjunction with an "is among the" condition.

    • OS X 10.10 or later

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