Garmin Express - Manage your Garmin devices.

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    Garmin Express is your essential tool for managing your Garmin devices. Update maps, golf courses and device software. You can even register your device.

    • Update maps
    • Update software
    • Register your device
    • Back up, restore, and transfer favorites
    • Install free voices and vehicles
    • Download product manuals

    • For devices that support CIQ apps, you will no longer need to log into the CIQ Store when launching from Express
    • If you encounter a crash when using Express, we now provide you the ability to send us the crash report information right away. Receiving these reports will help us continue to improve your experience
    • Improvements to music management for our supported devices. Express will display the amount of free space available on the device and the total size of all content you’ve selected to download
    • Improved map update page by displaying the completed percentage and the download rate
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

    • OS X 10.10 or later
    • High-speed Internet access (Not for use with dial-up, mobile, or satellite connections)

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