FigLeaf 0.8 - Easy control of your Privacy.

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    FigLeaf is the only all-in-one, completely secure application that gives you, and only you, the power to protect your privacy - wherever you go online. You shouldn’t have to deal with multiple apps to keep you in control. FigLeaf combines several tools to give you full control of your private information across your entire internet experience. Main Features:
    • Exposed Data Scan
      • There’s a lot of you out there. Find out how much. Exposed Data Scan checks for data leaks, hacked emails, and much more.
    • Safe Logins
      • It’s your personal email. There’s no reason it should be public. With Safe Logins, you get a masked email to use when signing up at new sites.
    • Masked Cards COMING SOON
      • Shop happy. FigLeaf has your back with a virtual credit card that keeps your real number private whenever you buy something online.
    • Secure Connection
      • You shouldn’t have to think twice about the security of that café Wi-Fi or even your home internet. And you won’t, with Secure Connection.
    • Anti-Tracker
      • Without tracking protection, advertisers can find out your online habits and interests. Turn the tables and stop them in their tracks with FigLeaf’s Anti-Tracker.

      Your privacy is a big deal to us, so everything you do is encrypted on our servers and on your device. If we need access to your information to help you with a transaction, we need your explicit permission to do so. Without that permission and without your private key, we can’t decrypt your personal data. That means no one can see it. Not even us. It’s our Zero Knowledge Promise to you.

    • Version 0.8:
      • Initial release

      • macOS 10.13.6 or later

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