EtreCheck 4.3 - For troubleshooting your Mac; displays important system details.

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    EtreCheck is an app that displays the important details of your system configuration and allow you to copy that information to the Clipboard. It is meant to be used with Apple Support Communities to help people help you with your Mac. EtreCheck automatically removes any personally identifiable information from the output.

    EtreCheck will automatically alert you to serious problems like adware, insufficient RAM, or a failing hard drive.

    Note: EtreCheck can generate 5 free reports, which should be enough to identify problems, work through possible solutions, and verify that problems are resolved. If people want to continue to use EtreCheck after the 5 free reports, then a license will be required. The price for the license is $20

    Version 4.3:
    • Improved notification about personal information;
    • Ability to zoom the display;
    • Ability to disable update checks; and
    • Many bug fixes.

    • OS X 10.8 or later

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