coconutBattery 3.7.1 - Displays info about your laptop battery.

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    With coconutBattery you're always aware of your current battery health. It shows you live information about your battery such as how often it was charged and how is the current maximum capacity in relation to the original capacity your battery had when it left the factory.

    Of course you are able to save the current maximum capacity of your battery. So you can see the changes of your battery health over time.

    coconutBattery is and will always be freeware. There is a Plus version that can be purchased if you would like additional features. To purchase, go here.

    Version 3.7.1:

    • Improved support for iPhone Xs and Xs Max
    Fixed Issues

    • Fixed a potential app crash in OS X 10.11
    • Fixed a bug where no SSD information were available for 2018 MacBook Pro

    • OS X 10.11 or later

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