Sip 1.1.5 for Mac 颜色识别屏幕取色工具 1.1.5

一款简单有效的识别颜色, 屏幕取色工具

  1. Bill
    一款简单有效的识别颜色, 屏幕取色工具. 是平面设计师与网页设计师不可取消的小工具.

    Sip is the refreshingly simple color picker for developers that instantly samples and encodes any color on your screen. Just one quick click to savor the flavor and you’re set! See what’s on special with Sip below.

    Order Sip just the way you like it – customize app and color options with a fine selection of user preferences.

    Select the color format you want to use. Choose from: CSS Hex, CSS3 HSL, CSS3 RGB, Calibrated NSColor for HSB, Calibrated NSColor for RGB, Device NSColor for CMYK, Device NSColor for HSB, Device NSColor for RGB, UIColor HSB, UIColorRGB, CGColor Generic RGB, and CGColor Generic CMYK.
    Set the number of colors to keep in your history.
    Toggle “All Caps” CSS color formatting.
    Toggle prefix and suffixes on floating formats.
    Constantly guzzling colors? Set Sip to launch at log-in.