Posterino 3.4.3 for Mac 图片编辑软件 3.4.3

Posterino 是Mac上较为方便易用的图片编辑软件

  1. Bill
    Posterino 是Mac上较为方便易用的图片编辑软件 可以帮你轻松支持画报、海报等特效. 你需要做的就是在软件内置的模板种选择你需要的样式 然后拖拽你现有的图片即可创建.

    Posterino 特性:
    * 创建自定义模版
    * 全屏编辑文档模式

    语言: 德文, 意大利文, 挪威尼诺斯克文, 捷克文, 日文, 法文, 英文, 荷兰文, 葡萄牙文, 西班牙文

    Posterino offers enhanced customization and flexibility including a variety of new, stylish templates featuring grids of identical or odd-sized image boxes. You can customize the size and shape of these boxes at any time. And with a single click, the application will automatically fill those boxes with random images drawn from the photos you uploaded. If you prefer to manually select images, you can simply drag and drop images into the template.

    Sharing your photos is quick and simple as well. You can directly upload your completed collages to your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr account from inside the app, and export photos to iPhoto and your email. Posterino also lets you create and send custom e-cards with your very own stamps and postmarks.



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