Keep It 1.4.8 for macOS 1.4.8

一款小巧的用于笔记, 保存网页链接, 存储文档的软件

  1. Bill
    Keep It 是Mac系统平台上的一款小巧的用于写笔记,保存网页链接,存储文档的软件,在Mac上可用,作为iPhone和iPad的单独的应用程序,所有使用iCloud的设备都可以自动使用并更改它。Keep It 为大多数文件生成缩略图和摘要,可以编辑自己的笔记,丰富纯文本文件,并显示PDF,图像,网页和大多数其他文档的预览。

    Keep It is for writing notes, saving web links, storing documents, and finding them again. Available on Mac, and as a separate app for iPhone and iPad, changes are automatically made available across all your devices with iCloud. Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.

    Create, edit, view and save:
    Notes with styles, checklists and attachments that look good and read well on all your devices
    Web links with live previews, or saved as PDFs for offline viewing
    Rich and plain text files, and Markdown documents
    Add any other kind of file, and see previews for most images, documents, web pages, and more
    See summaries and thumbnails in the list for most files
    Use the Recents list to see things you’ve added or viewed lately
    Share items with iCloud



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  2. 1.4.7
  3. 1.4.6