DxO FilmPack 5.5.569 for Mac OS X 5.5.569


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    DxO FilmPack是法国DXO公司继大名鼎鼎的RAW冲洗软件DxO Optics Pro后推出的一个在数码影像上可以模拟胶卷的颜色、对比度、颗粒感等独特的软件. 这个DxO FilmPack软件,拥有7种正片胶卷颜色、9种单色照片胶卷颜色、5种负片胶卷颜色,通过这款软件可以呈现出21种不同胶卷颜色的数码影像。并且,可以进行5 种调色,具有经过胶卷冲洗液处理的新奇功能。


    DxO FilmPack lets you reproduce the style, colors, and grains of the most famous silver halide films for your digital photos. Try all the available looks and find the one that corresponds exactly to the style that you want for your image.

    Accurate film rendering

    A precise rendering obtained thanks to a unique scientific calibration that makes it possible to accurately simulate the colors, saturation, contrast, and grains of more than 50 different silver halide films on your digital photos.

    Wide variety of artistic films

    The softness of a Fuji Reala film for portraits, the charm of a Polaroid to give the impression of an old photo, the vigor of Kodak Tri-X for superb textures… Combine the colors of one film type with the grain of another, and explore all of the possibilities offered by DxO FilmPack.

    Simple and fast

    The magic of silver halide in just a few clicks, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. Save precious time so you can take even more photos! Use DxO FilmPack alone or as a plug-in with DxO Optics Pro and Adobe Photoshop.


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