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建筑模拟 Construction Simulator 2015 1.31

建筑模拟 Construction Simulator 2015 for Mac OS X

  1. Bill
    建筑模拟2015 中你可以驾驶施工车辆在城市中行走,竭尽所能完成任务同时还不能引起大的混乱。玩家可以不断升级,得到更多更先进的施工设备,完成更多的建筑任务,同时,游戏还将提供一个更大的开放世界给玩家,体验到模拟的乐趣

    In Construction Simulator 2015, you take the controls of 19 realistic construction machines made by LIEBHERR, STILL and MAN with high-quality 3D graphics. Excavate the foundation of a house with realistic machines, pour concrete into the wall panels of a factory with an enormous concrete pump, or test the steadiness of your hands by placing gigantic roof trusses with a mobile crane. Thanks to the realistic controls, you can steer an excavator with two joysticks using SAE controls and feel as if you are working on a real construction site.

    Discover the world on your own or with your friends!

    Explore an expansive, freely navigable world with various towns, fields, and even a highway – you will find a variety of new challenges for your constantly growing motor pool. If you are successful, then even larger and more lucrative jobs and various office locations with even more possibilities will beckon.

    Work is more fun with friends, and construction is no exception. Operate vehicles with friends in multiplayer mode, and complete construction missions together or just play around in the wide-open game world.
    Up to four workers can participate in multiplayer games. The player who opens the game serves as the host and takes the lead role in running a construction company shared by the other players in a cooperative game.
    Many tasks are waiting for you!

    In a single game, you can work together to accomplish construction tasks. Dig pits together using multiple excavators, while another player transports the excavated material to a gravel plant. In an advanced game, you can work on up to three construction sites at one time and really start raking in money with your construction company.

    类别: 游戏
    更新日期: 2015年11月30日
    版本: 1.31
    大小: 1.10 GB
    语言: 俄文, 匈牙利文, 德语, 意大利语, 捷克文, 日语, 法语, 波兰文, 英语, 西班牙语