ColorFinale for Mac 1.9.2 FCPX分级调色插件 1.9.2

Final Cut Pro X分级调色插件

  1. Bill
    Color Finale for Mac 是一款专业分级调色插件,新年巨献超专业的分级调色插件,令人惊呼的调色工具,适用于Mac系统FCPX软件,这一款将众多先进调色功能汇聚一体的调色插件,拥有独立操控界面,颜色轮(三路颜色校正),RGB曲线,LUT等众多符合行业标准的分级调色控制,能够调出电影级别(支持4K)的色彩,调色快速强大精准。

    ColorFinale allows you to color grade in Final Cut Pro X.

    ColorFinale Features:
    The power and elegance of grading via layers. We incorporate the best features of image editing applications.
    Industry standard 3 Way Color Corrector and RGB Curves. We incorporate the best that the telecine suite has to offer.
    Apply industry standard Look Up Tables like OSIRIS and ImpulZ to accurately emulate the look of 35mm film.
    Powerful vector based grading to apply quick and accurate secondaries.



  1. 1.9.2
  2. 1.8.2